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the same day in different pile

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on November 10, 2008 by Angelie

Days are just flying by before you know it, there are days that sometime I find myself out of words to say or just letting it goes by without doing anything but sometimes it is super busy like today – for all the days I would rather hate monday’s why? aside from the fact that my usual routine should be finish every monday – it feels like pressured day dunno exactly why just don’t feel it..

I dont have enough words to write some more dunno what I feel- i feel tired and too much things rumble in my head maybe I just missed my yin – yang – I just miss him everyday though I see him over internet But still feel like missin’ him ..

I shouldnt feel this way, first day  of the week I suppose to feel energetic and be ready for the coming days to come I am sure it will be busy again than usual like last week lots to finish its all good though days are just flying by if you are busy  I am just tired maybe need some time to sleep and get relax… hoh!!


I aLready got wHat I want fRom schooL…

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on September 5, 2008 by Angelie

(sigH…whew!!! ) 😉   I cant believe how I started but I am officially changed my name from my school papers and other thing gossssh can u believe that..?  Way back few years ago I got big problem how will I use my registered name from NSO which is  different from what I used to- I start to asked somebody what to do, then they told me that I could spend lots of money for that for changing my name even at the law office at the town , they said you’ll undergo with the hearing thing something like that ..etc.,.. etc.. etc. blah blah..So, since then I start to think and think and think until I freaked out on what the right thing to do.. cause someday I will be out of the country for a certain reason so I need to figure it out.

When I figured out and find a way I fired up my ass to simply changed it, made a paper all by myself and  and bring it to the local office to be sealed and to be valid to all purposes. I start to make a letter, consent from parents, lots of affidavits and NOW I got it right and yesterday I finally got my transcript of records all change whoohohH THANK GOD!!..

I am sure my grandma will be happy with it and I find it hard to be an alien for 26 years lol…  happy camper!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂