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a life being with you ♥

Posted in My ROmance..:) on November 9, 2009 by Angelie

DSC00025If there’s anything  or perfect words to thank you for each moment , every single moments of my everyday that you make me happy I am craving to find it….. I am sooo thankful that I found you and this time of my life I feel soooooo much happiness living here with you… making life together, sharing all the laughters and sometimes in tears, supporting me for all of my craziness in life, for making me open for all the changes that is happening in my life right now, there nothing I can ask for –loving you is all I can do 🙂 hoping that the LOVE that I am giving you is enough to make you  happy as much as you make me happy….. I love you!


Love alwayz finds a reason—

Posted in My ROmance..:) on May 22, 2009 by Angelie

This is what we called “LOVE”

Posted in My ROmance..:) on May 7, 2009 by Angelie

p1090250–>> I came acrossed on my file this afternoon and I saw my ON FILED Love story..

Simon and I made a love story o how we met and how everything started for some purposes…

SO here the story goes….


(written by: ACA)

Before my husband and I met in a dating site I always believe that in the middle of that road I’m going to meet that special person to call “MY OWN”. In fact, I am not looking for the perfect person to come into my life but I always believe that in divine intervention and the power of prayers will help me to meet that special person.

In this new generation I try my luck for searching my destiny in a worldwide web. I registered in one dating site called cebuanas even though I am not hundred percent sure if this thing will works for me.

Early August of 2007 Simon viewed my profile and I viewed him back. I read his profile and see his pictures there. I liked what I read He seemed cool and not rude like the others. He definitely catches my attention in that day. I sent him a smile showing I am interested to get to know and be friends. The next morning he sent back the smiles and sent an email asking for my yahoo messenger address. I wrote Him back telling my address. The next day we started to talk in yahoo talks about everything under the sun. We talked about our everyday life and experiences and how it looks like. We shared each other pictures and see each other on webcam. Simon was nice since the first time we started our conversation, there’s no hesitations deep inside of me I felt Simon is different from all the guys I’ve met.

A couple of months later Simon and I confessed each other feelings – it is just more than what we called “Like” we were “In Love”. Simon took his first step He decided to visit me and see if the feeling that we had will still be the same if we see each other in person. We spent about two weeks together on his first trip getting to know more each other. A couple of weeks after Simon went back to Canada and promised me that He will be back to spend another time together so I hold that promise since then.

The relationships grew more and more each day. We continued chatting through yahoo and MSN more and more video chatting. We send letters on mails. Simon calls me two to three times a week. So even though we lived apart from each other we still get connected. Rarely does day go by where we do not get to take time and chat online.

Early, of May 2008 Simon proposed marriage and I said “YES” because I love him and we love each other and marrying him is more than just a feeling, it’s the reality. In a way we haven’t a formal engagement because we lived apart when he proposed but still it was special. The wedding plan begun – we set our wedding date, place and who will be our guest. Simon decided to have another trip for the preparations of the wedding and we decided to have a post dinner with my friends and family. Simon came back October of 2008. We spent another two weeks hanging out aside from the fact that we were making plans for the wedding. And, after two weeks together Simon went back to Canada and we continued chatting online again as we prepare for the wedding. We decided to have a fairly simple ceremony at the City Hall.

After two months Simon came back for our wedding, the day we’ve all been waiting. We got married at branch 210 in Mandaluyong City Hall. We made our promise in front of the Judge and had our reception after with my friends and my family.  And, then after the momentus event, we headed for our fun-filled and most exciting part—our honeymoon. We go back to the place where we spend quality time together—Bohol. A few days later Simon flew back to Canada and we continued to get connected on the internet.

My husband and I learned to appreciate each other in spite of all our differences and cultures. In fact, we have unique and special kind of relationships. I hope his sponsorship will approve so we can be together in Canada to live as a happy couple and to start a family together.

Crossing the river

Posted in My ROmance..:) on March 21, 2009 by Angelie

Good noon people, here I am again knockin’ on the corner of this blogging world … so how is it goin’?– Well, this chitta has been busy for a weeeeeeeeeks I think I’m gonna be busy for my entire life with my work ( I guess)? arrrRGH…!

Anyhow, even if I have had this shocking work that I have I still have time to visit a website with full of movies– so yesterday before I went home I tried to browse something that is romantic so I found this movie a little interesting 🙂 so since I only had more minutes at the office I asked my officemate to download the movie instead, so he tried and he got it.. (so glad)! 🙂

Earlier today I watched a movie-it is a story of a beautiful credit card phone operator lives in India but pretends to be American to her callers, an Indian credit card phone operator flown to San Francisco for a romantic liaison with a man she met through her work. Upon her arrival in San Francisco, however, she decides to keep her true identity a secret, which threatens to dampen the sparks between her and her potential beau.

After a few days spending their time together they fell inlove with each other discovering the differences between the 2 cultures that they have…never knowing that this girl from india has been engaged with someone else whom she never inlove with… soo the story goes on and on……..

The most favorite line that I’ve got from that movie was “nothing should ever hold a man back to his future”… 🙂

Anyway, that is all about my day. I am just happy and inlove with the that movie. I kinda related to it but not in the sense that I am working in a call centers and have a pretty face and flown to San francisco just to meet the complete stranger (that is not me) but the thing is these two people inspires me alot, they fell inlove with each other despite of their differences in culture. They did not afraid to crossed the miles just to have each other. So now I learned I will never ever scared to face whats going on with my relationship right now (being far) because this is just temporary and sooner will be in each others arms and will happily ever after. 🙂

All we need is “TIME”

Posted in My ROmance..:) on March 5, 2009 by Angelie

writingI miss blogging!

But I was wordless for the last few weeks… I was pretty busy around work and immigration thing it was  stressful job that i have and I am still doing it…. so I don’t have time to visit my page.

I found an interesting  blog of a friend from my yahoo messenger’s list I just follow the link on his status.. and I like what I read.. 🙂

I was inspired about the blog I read a minutes ago- he has been through with all alot of pain but he  moved on and there is no regretful thing on his behalf …. he just did the bravest thing for the happiness of his girl and to start finding himself and moved on.

Actually, it was nothing to do with my situation though na inspired lng ako…… he was brave enough to face the fact even if it hurts.

I just realized that I am so blessed to have someone who is very positive in all the things that we have right now..supporting me for all the craziness that I have…THANK GOD I FOUND HIM”.. I am just hoping that I am brave enough!

Anyhow, sometimes in our life we just have to face or accept the bitter fact even if it hurts you alot ..”Be brave” sometimes we’ll have to go through the hoops but in the long run you’ll got everything as perfect as you want it to be.. 🙂

We’ll  just have to realize that everything needs time!

Be Patient!

How you did you know you found tHe right one?

Posted in My ROmance..:) on February 18, 2009 by Angelie

How did you know you’ll find the right woman/man to love?

I interviewed few people from work today about “how did they know – they found the right one?” …

According to them:

1. Jaiel said when she felt compatibilities with her husband, and they love each other and the long span that they have been together as boyfriend and girlfriend is enough of getting to know each other so she answered her husband “yes I do” i gonna marry you .. !) and she realized that she found the right one..

Others said:

2. When he/she is sensible about your feelings…

3. When he/she is concerned about your hopes and dreams….

4. When he/she thinks about your future together..( you are included in his future).

5. When you are happy being with him/her..

6. When you can stand by his/her side no matter what obstacles comes up…

7. When she/he can support you in whatever decision you might have..

8. When you know he/she can make you laugh when something goes wrong.

9. Cecile said “On the first day i saw him,i know he was the one for me..even without saying a word, his gestures tells me…his whole being is enough to say I DO an spend the rest of my life with him…” (sweet…) 🙂

–> Others said there’s no right one right relationship instead… BUT all of these things above are all tested and true…..

–>> All of us like the feeling of being in love and being loved by someone everything seems perfect..walang mali!

One year…….

Posted in My ROmance..:) on February 6, 2009 by Angelie

nsk156374One year today since the first time I saw my dream boy ( the man in yellow smiling at me) at the airport, as I went back to the feeling that I had on that day was even more crazy…, it is the first time eyeball (ika nga nila hehehe), so excited , nervous, dont really know ung unang approached but in the end it went good.. and I never thought we end this far being married. :)

Kung minsan may mga bagay sa buhay natin na di natin ini-expect na mangyayari.. like -ung nangyari sa akin -akalain ko ba na this year pla makakasal na ako.. actually di ko nman na expect un not until he proposed …:)I am happy… more than words can say…

The days are just flying by.. ang bilis.. kung minsan naman ay feeling mo mabagal lalo na’t nag hihintay ka….

Ang wish ko sana by this year makasunod na me sa husband ko kasi miss na miss ko na sya.. GOOD LUCK sa akin..:)

HAppy one year to my better half…