Fill-in the blanks

It has been hard for me to fill in the blank on my post but I am soooooo wordless for the last months nothing much to say — been working as usual not sooo busy but still nothing much to add in my everyday lifestyle… work home sleep work home sleep soooo boring isn’t it..? but life goes that way- other distractions in my daily routine cant help it..!

Sooo here just to update you people– rainy season just came up

the_girl_in_the_rain_by_best10photos–>>> this is the time of the year which I can spend  most of my time hanging around the house – make a hot drinks, staring @ the window, talking with my other housemates at home… Rainy days for me is a very lazy day when I am home…

Actually, I love rain but not all the time– just to cool off a bit from the hot weather.

Sometimes there are days that you may feel grumpy kahit di naman naulan pero feeling mo your day is dark and gray feeling (cloudy)- u feel emptiness inside your heart (Sighzz) rainy days…

Right now in this moment we are waiting for the rain to stop kasi ang baha baha na sa harapan kakainis…. wala lng na share ko lng ala kasing ma kwento dito hayz….


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