Seemingly different….

Every now and then– I’m always thinking about writing and writing a lot of stuff and everyday experiences in here but things are different now work has been crazy plus internet usage at the office are prohibited.. in some way… we can use email though… but things are rarely different… 😦 😦 I feel so bad for the last few weeks.. almost everyday.. maybe because I had a very stressful life nothing else to do except for work.. and work — I have been working more than 8 hours a day.. seems like working to death… (sighzzzz)

On the other things– love matters is slow right —- dunno sometimes I feel empty, I wanted to do things together with him but I CAN’T for some reasons… and He has been busy doing things needed for the immigration things… I dunno we will see what comin’ up… but I am worried on it ..

Anywayz, sunday today.. I had a chance to sleep in a bit getting the energy I need for the coming weeks to come — I just hope it is not too crazy — and hoping for a good mood and not stressful in all aspect (love -work etc….)

Sooooooo life goes on….


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