Life can get busy….

I haven’t here for the last few days — I was sooooooooo busy around work— it is more busy than the other days…. I have no time to post new thoughts in here although a lot of things happened  (love-work-family) my mind had been fucked up.. and so I choose to keep quiet and work on things on table instead…

My husband and I had have a little discussion about the thing all about my craziness of missin’ him… I hope I am not sounded like I am complaining that we are apart from each other but the thing is I AM JUST SICK of this situation.. I wanted to give him a hugs and kisses which I couldn’t do because of this fucking distance that separate us…..  I am thankful cuz Simon is always the man who has a positive side .. He is always been a optimist and trying to make me feel as better in the end of the discussion…. Oh I just hope that one day soon or in a few more months we will be together and never be apart from each other… I am looking forward to spend life with him… I HAVE BEEN PARANOID SICK AND TIRED but have to hold on… I am not the one in this kind of situation so I believe that Simon and I will make things happen and I can deal this things up in some way (I hope!)…

So I am just here to let people know that I am still in a worldwide web world I am just busy and a bit crazy hehehe…

SO I will be back in here soon when I finish all my stuff okey..?

see ya!


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