All we need is “TIME”

writingI miss blogging!

But I was wordless for the last few weeks… I was pretty busy around work and immigration thing it was  stressful job that i have and I am still doing it…. so I don’t have time to visit my page.

I found an interesting  blog of a friend from my yahoo messenger’s list I just follow the link on his status.. and I like what I read.. 🙂

I was inspired about the blog I read a minutes ago- he has been through with all alot of pain but he  moved on and there is no regretful thing on his behalf …. he just did the bravest thing for the happiness of his girl and to start finding himself and moved on.

Actually, it was nothing to do with my situation though na inspired lng ako…… he was brave enough to face the fact even if it hurts.

I just realized that I am so blessed to have someone who is very positive in all the things that we have right now..supporting me for all the craziness that I have…THANK GOD I FOUND HIM”.. I am just hoping that I am brave enough!

Anyhow, sometimes in our life we just have to face or accept the bitter fact even if it hurts you alot ..”Be brave” sometimes we’ll have to go through the hoops but in the long run you’ll got everything as perfect as you want it to be.. 🙂

We’ll  just have to realize that everything needs time!

Be Patient!


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