How you did you know you found tHe right one?

How did you know you’ll find the right woman/man to love?

I interviewed few people from work today about “how did they know – they found the right one?” …

According to them:

1. Jaiel said when she felt compatibilities with her husband, and they love each other and the long span that they have been together as boyfriend and girlfriend is enough of getting to know each other so she answered her husband “yes I do” i gonna marry you .. !) and she realized that she found the right one..

Others said:

2. When he/she is sensible about your feelings…

3. When he/she is concerned about your hopes and dreams….

4. When he/she thinks about your future together..( you are included in his future).

5. When you are happy being with him/her..

6. When you can stand by his/her side no matter what obstacles comes up…

7. When she/he can support you in whatever decision you might have..

8. When you know he/she can make you laugh when something goes wrong.

9. Cecile said “On the first day i saw him,i know he was the one for me..even without saying a word, his gestures tells me…his whole being is enough to say I DO an spend the rest of my life with him…” (sweet…) 🙂

–> Others said there’s no right one right relationship instead… BUT all of these things above are all tested and true…..

–>> All of us like the feeling of being in love and being loved by someone everything seems perfect..walang mali!


One Response to “How you did you know you found tHe right one?”

  1. bence32105 Says:

    actually, gusto ko talaga mag react..heheheh! different cases naman para malaman mo na “he’s the one” in my case…my husband & i became friends muna, through txting(w/o seeing each other) for almost 2 & half yrs…(he’s in jeddah kc db)so…when we meet personally, dun namin na feel pareho na”ah, he/she’s the one!” there’s a certain kind of feeling kahit ikaw d mo madi- describe once u’r in that situation….it feels good to know that he loves me more than i love him..and i know i made the right decision of saying I DO to my husband…kasi i luv him soooo much(,”)

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