..Crappy as it is?

I have been thinking about my life lately. I tried to looked back about the achievements that I’ve got for the last few years that I been working- the changes that I have been through. Although, as of now I am contented for what I have- but seems like it is not enough and I can say that I am not completely happy for what it is right now šŸ˜¦

I am married to a wonderful man – God answer my prayers for giving me such a good person like him but seems i amĀ  not compeletely happy maybe because we still live apart and that made me dismayed and feel depressed sometimes…..

When it comes to work- Eventhough, I am happy with my co-workers but still I am looking forward to find other things like being contented with the salary or other place or other job that is different from what I have been doing for a long years.

Anyhow, I am not asking for complete and perfect life.. what I am asking for is to achieve what is left.. Like being with my better half all the time— having someone to support on you when things goes wrong and when tough and happy time comes- a someone to cry on .. And, not being able put pressure myself to think about the bills that I have to pay. All I ask for is a happy simple life.. is that possible..?

whOohh life (sighs….)


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