Loneliness hits me :(

Staring on the computer again and thinking too much of what/ who I’ve missed in this moment. Today, it hits my poor heart again – how I really wish that I am with my husband right now. I feel sorry for myself of not being with him all the time. I can’t do even the little things the shows “I love him” ( like kissing, hugging, cuddling etc…) I hate those sleepless night that I had when he went back to his place. Though, it’s been two weeks now since he left it feels like a long time ago.

I have been talking with my friends with the same situation I am trying to hold and get an inspiration from them that even though they’re far they can still go through this na kaya ko ito (sigh).

I just hope that later this year we can do the papers for me to get there.

I do wish for this to come being together – not being far from each other. Oh God I can’t escape this pain. I hate itL


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