Honeymoon in Bohol

After marriage it is usual for a newly wed’s to take a vacation ( little time together) after the very special day.

When/where was the “honeymoon” originates ?

” according tothe researched “Honeymoon”-means the first month after marriage, when there is nothing but tenderness and pleasure; originally having no reference to the period of a month, but comparing the mutual affection of newly-married persons to the changing moon which is no sooner full than it begins to wane; now, usually, the holiday spent together by a newly-married couple, before settling down at home.

Since my better half can’t stay up here for a little more days we only spent few days for our honeymoon in bohol and we had fun:)

We took an adventure in our honeymoon we went caving,hiking,snorkeling and just driving around bohol with scooter.

Here are some of the picture when were there:

From Alona Beach Resort Bohol, PHils.




*** this photo taken @ Loboc Cave, Bohol-Phils.***dsc08300

This is from the butterfly conservation center while were driving around the island.***dsc08325p1120488

–>> it was fun — this is our second time in bohol were looking forward to visit this place again in the near future…we love this place…:):):):):)


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