My Finest day (my wedding day)

So here I am again back to blogging world., I had never write since my husband came.

And now, that he’s back again to his place and I got a chance to write a few things back to my very special day of my life “the wedding”.

So here the story goes…..

My better half arrived a week ago- I am sooo excited to see him again at the airport and the time comes and we see each other again- I felt so much gladness from that time I see him smiling at me:)

So the next morning we are excited talking about the upcoming wedding like how would it looks like a little worried too but more on happiness and excitement feelings..

A couple of days after the wedding day comes.. we were little worried especially simon this is all about something (hehehe) that really freaked us out kasi ung service di pa dumadating at ma late na kami ( oh di ba nakakaba tlga).. But we work it out.:) pero cguro tlgang ganun pag ikakasal ka noh…

*****So here are some of the pictures taken ****

the-wedding-011the-wedding-025the-wedding-082the-wedding-116And many many more pictures pa:)

– It was a very successful wedding and I am happy now more than ever!

soon we can be together as happy as ever just now a little bit more sacrifice pa until I get there:) hays I dont really want to be emotional- anyhow, I am proud and happy to be his wife and happy to have him as my husband:)

***the youtube video below is the other pictures from my wedding take a look***


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