taken-very much inlove:)

I have been thinking about it more often now. The positive and negative thought rumbles in my head – there’s a little “what if” in my mind but he said I should think more on positive side and not the negative that would freak me out.-so I changed it to different side- I started to think what am I going to wear on that day – and so simon think about it too. He said we will just show up naked on the wedding day and everyone will come up with blindfold (hahaha) crazy. We’ll have to figure out some things that will be needed for the BIG DAY such as possible giveaways etc. etc..

I have the feelings of excitement – the never ending happiness knowing that God given me such a good man like him.

I prayed so hard for this time to come and he gave it though not right away but still worth to wait and now we’ll getting married sharing our vows sooner.

For my better half although we are far from each other right now I am so thankful that he’d let you share your life with me and for giving me such a wonderful man like you. I love you!

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