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what you think is best..?

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on November 5, 2008 by Angelie

So, now since november is up and about one and half month to go before my BIG DAY! so I am trying to think about what unique things would be as a “give aways”, gift’s, soveiners or whatever it is for my BIG DAY.. ahmnnnn …dsc00149

…—->>>> this one, is made of nipa leaves… (looks like coconut leaves… it is unique and cute isn’t it?- So I wonder maybe this is one of the choices . I might choose other variety of designs for the front face of the basket, maybe there are some more options ( I could put some flowers or butterflies) what do you think…?

One of this days I might to go the mall to see the materials needed… and might see other unique things for my BIG DAY!…

Hayz, I hope I can figure it out sooner so that by december we could start doing it at home…… For, those who have suggestions drop me an email thank U guys!!!