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Pasko na sa Pinas..:)

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dsc001761–>> Dito sa pinas, pagsapit ng “BER” sa mga kalendaryo automatic xmass na feeling natin. SA radyo at telebisyon maririnig at makikita na natin ang iba’t ibang tugtuging pamasko. – At oktubre pa lng nag uumpisa ng makikita ang makukulay na mga dekorasyon sa bawat lansangan at mga malls. SAbi nga ng mapapangasawa ko “crazy” daw dito kasi napakaaga ng pasko.- Sila kasi  pinatatapos muna nila ang ang halloween bago magkabit ng kung ano – ano sa mga bahay.

—>> Masaya ang lahat pagsapit ng pasko- syempre maraming naghahahanda, maraming events mga nangyari sa trabaho at sa bawat tahanan- ito rin ung time ng get together ng bawat pamilya-ang bawat isa’y nagkakasundo sundo na. Iba ang feeling ng pasko iba ang kasiyahan ng bawat isa lalo na’t sa mga bata.

–>> Sana andito rin ung mapapangasawa ko-mas magiging masaya sana ung pasko BUT in my heart he is always been here maging pasko man o hinde….On the other hand once christmas is over lapet na wedding ko waaaaaaHH I am looking forward to that day (I am excited)..!!


taken-very much inlove:)

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I have been thinking about it more often now. The positive and negative thought rumbles in my head – there’s a little “what if” in my mind but he said I should think more on positive side and not the negative that would freak me out.-so I changed it to different side- I started to think what am I going to wear on that day – and so simon think about it too. He said we will just show up naked on the wedding day and everyone will come up with blindfold (hahaha) crazy. We’ll have to figure out some things that will be needed for the BIG DAY such as possible giveaways etc. etc..

I have the feelings of excitement – the never ending happiness knowing that God given me such a good man like him.

I prayed so hard for this time to come and he gave it though not right away but still worth to wait and now we’ll getting married sharing our vows sooner.

For my better half although we are far from each other right now I am so thankful that he’d let you share your life with me and for giving me such a wonderful man like you. I love you!

I am sick:(

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I had have this illness since saturday and it is really sucks… I still have cough, colds and I still sneeze hayzz too bad… The weather makes me crazy … made me sick or might I have low resistance,.. I really do hope that I’d be better soon..argggh I want to feel energetic again…….eyzzzzzz

I am sick in writing a blog,, my post aren’t good enough.. no good pictures to share, no other things to share too .., No substance as what they say.. ahmmnp I hope I can write some more  soon..

the same day in different pile

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Days are just flying by before you know it, there are days that sometime I find myself out of words to say or just letting it goes by without doing anything but sometimes it is super busy like today – for all the days I would rather hate monday’s why? aside from the fact that my usual routine should be finish every monday – it feels like pressured day dunno exactly why just don’t feel it..

I dont have enough words to write some more dunno what I feel- i feel tired and too much things rumble in my head maybe I just missed my yin – yang – I just miss him everyday though I see him over internet But still feel like missin’ him ..

I shouldnt feel this way, first day  of the week I suppose to feel energetic and be ready for the coming days to come I am sure it will be busy again than usual like last week lots to finish its all good though days are just flying by if you are busy  I am just tired maybe need some time to sleep and get relax… hoh!!

what you think is best..?

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So, now since november is up and about one and half month to go before my BIG DAY! so I am trying to think about what unique things would be as a “give aways”, gift’s, soveiners or whatever it is for my BIG DAY.. ahmnnnn …dsc00149

…—->>>> this one, is made of nipa leaves… (looks like coconut leaves… it is unique and cute isn’t it?- So I wonder maybe this is one of the choices . I might choose other variety of designs for the front face of the basket, maybe there are some more options ( I could put some flowers or butterflies) what do you think…?

One of this days I might to go the mall to see the materials needed… and might see other unique things for my BIG DAY!…

Hayz, I hope I can figure it out sooner so that by december we could start doing it at home…… For, those who have suggestions drop me an email thank U guys!!!