Life as it is..its all good;)

Man one more day and october will be over and soon enough november will soon up…

This month was kinda tiring month as it was-BUT a very happy and treasuring one.

Let me try to looked back what makes me busy for the last couple of weeks. Well, I have been working for the first week and its usual for me though, and for the following  weeks I got a chance to spent it with my special someone he’s been here for a few days – we’ve been busy exploring manila- and it was fun doing things together with him no matter what the weather looks like (the show continued) as what they say….(hehehe).. I used to smile every time I think about the things that we have been when we are together,  I used to laugh and laugh when he tried to speak tagalog-yeahh he tried some words BUT when he starting to speak made me laughed..I cant help NOT (hahaha) he’s crazy , funny, cute guy I’ve ever meet….miss him all the time hayzz…:)

And, a week after he left manila I am back to work and trying to cope up everything at work,everything that was left behind -the good thing is my co-worker made my part and it’s all good, it was kind of hard to get back to work when your mind is tired of thinking about something/someone who just left for an hour, (yeah) I got back to work right after he left me on that day. But I tried to deal with those feelings and little by little it is back to what it should be (i am back the way I am) and that is good in some way……

I considered it as busy month of mine though its kind of tired one BUT nevertheless it’s very happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure it was..!!!

So until then, I’ll write some more soon…!!!!!

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