wHen I’m witH yOu..:)

🙂 I haven’t explored manila for quiet awhile now, I realized that we still have something to do in here- there are some nice parks to go to, museums, malls, zoo’s and wildlife too.

Simon taught me to enjoy to live happy even if you find it boring or nothing much to do because you’re tired doing it or thinking about it- It is more than what I expect-

when I’m with him everything goes FUN and I really had FUN in my 13 days of vacation and had the great thoughts to keep:) and he had FUN too….



so hot eh..?

So, I think I can’t upload all of my pictures here even if I want it to- –we’ve got too many pictures  hays (sigh)

All I know it just I can treasure every seconds we spent together here in manila I had FUN..

…and now I am looking forward to his next visit for sure it will be fun again- I miss simon already I miss the presence his small jokes made me smile, his comfort, his hands holding me at night and let me know that he’s  always there beside me and see him when the morning comes, his kisses in the morning and night,the time when we use to watched the sunset from the condo and grab his camera and have picture together,  the words he used to whisper at night saying his “iloveyou’s) makes me smile everytime i hear it… though I know this time I am waiting again for his come back soon its another level being together I am counting on it…..OH I miss you sooooooooooooo much simon… well see each other soon!!!




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