Another time of my life and hits my poor heart again… My dear cousin died about an hours ago.., He is too young, he have lots of dreams for himself and for his family as well and now its all gone..(sigh) whatta a life isn’t it? LIfe is soooo UNFAIR sometimes 😦 full of sadness…,:( Napaka Unfair tlga ng buhay, kung sino pa ung mabubuti un pa nag susuffer kung sino nman ung masama un nman ang tumagal sa mundo. I dont see any reason bakit nangyayari ung ganun.. prang ung mga di worthy na mabuhay ung pa naiiwan nakakainis di ba..?

I really do hope to wake up to free my mind free from any sadness fears and doubts. Sometimes, happiness knocked on us just a moment in returned it’s the heart breaking sadness comes in   😦 I feel so bad today..  really bad… 😦

I wish that he will be at the better place now..goodbye gilbert go peacefully….:(

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