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I came across to the other blogs , well actually I used to read it almost everyday.., I admire  how she captured everything from little one to the deepest part of life. I guess she’s been through in a very hard part in her life…. she has a great kids on her own ( a very beautiful ones).. the other blogs I used to read was about all other love stories its pretty funny how do they wrote simple things but captured readers heart. I think blogging is one way to escape loneliness, one way to express how you feel if you can’t express it to someone else. When you’re sad you can write all your emotions/bad feelings  without any hesitations. Blogging can really helps alot for those who have a wide thinker, imaginative type of person, for those who wants to share their life stories bad or good its all here. I realze that life all over the world have significance to each other.., normal people feels the way I do, sometimes u find it boring, unhappy, happy, contented thankful oh well that is life… I have learned it from the blogs i used to read.. I used to be thankful-at least in some ways I still feel that  I AM BLESSED…!!! SOme people have big problems than mine but still fighting for the future and so do i…? Life is kinda imperfect but that is how it goes and we learned from our mistakes …


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