I aLready got wHat I want fRom schooL…

(sigH…whew!!! ) 😉   I cant believe how I started but I am officially changed my name from my school papers and other thing gossssh can u believe that..?  Way back few years ago I got big problem how will I use my registered name from NSO which is  different from what I used to- I start to asked somebody what to do, then they told me that I could spend lots of money for that for changing my name even at the law office at the town , they said you’ll undergo with the hearing thing something like that ..etc.,.. etc.. etc. blah blah..So, since then I start to think and think and think until I freaked out on what the right thing to do.. cause someday I will be out of the country for a certain reason so I need to figure it out.

When I figured out and find a way I fired up my ass to simply changed it, made a paper all by myself and  and bring it to the local office to be sealed and to be valid to all purposes. I start to make a letter, consent from parents, lots of affidavits and NOW I got it right and yesterday I finally got my transcript of records all change whoohohH THANK GOD!!..

I am sure my grandma will be happy with it and I find it hard to be an alien for 26 years lol…  happy camper!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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