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Happy 23rd Beeday RMCI :)

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whew we celebrated our company anniversary last night its their 23rd year of service hope to have more than that for the coming years to cOme.

We always have fun fun fun during anniversary.

At syempre papahuli ba nman ung edp dept. sa mga ganyan syempre indi ba..?

at syempre and grupo nag handa ng dance number as participation sa aming kompanya.

at mga susunod na mga pictures ay ang pinag halo halong picture mula sa pratice tska ung mga kung ano ano pang pinag gagawa namin sa aming departamento. Silipin nyo.. konti lng heheheh…..


sa aming likuran ay ang mga kliyenteng hawak namin!!

at syempre pa ang mga adik sa picturan andito din… hehehehe di nman halata di ba..?

so dahil nga sa adik sa picturan kahit sa daanan papuntang bahay nag pipicturan hmmnp. yan ang grupo sa dance praktis.

hay naku yan pa kahit sa napakasikip na house namin todo pose and mga ito tsk tsk tsk tsk…may mga videos pa tska ko nlng ulit ey upload pag may time na me kasi sa ngaun oras na para mag  mag trabaho.. hanggang sa muli folks.

On the other hand, this is my 6th  year being with them  its always been fun during anniversary.



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Another time of my life and hits my poor heart again… My dear cousin died about an hours ago.., He is too young, he have lots of dreams for himself and for his family as well and now its all gone..(sigh) whatta a life isn’t it? LIfe is soooo UNFAIR sometimes 😦 full of sadness…,:( Napaka Unfair tlga ng buhay, kung sino pa ung mabubuti un pa nag susuffer kung sino nman ung masama un nman ang tumagal sa mundo. I dont see any reason bakit nangyayari ung ganun.. prang ung mga di worthy na mabuhay ung pa naiiwan nakakainis di ba..?

I really do hope to wake up to free my mind free from any sadness fears and doubts. Sometimes, happiness knocked on us just a moment in returned it’s the heart breaking sadness comes in   😦 I feel so bad today..  really bad… 😦

I wish that he will be at the better place now..goodbye gilbert go peacefully….:(

blog blog blog…

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I came across to the other blogs , well actually I used to read it almost everyday.., I admire  how she captured everything from little one to the deepest part of life. I guess she’s been through in a very hard part in her life…. she has a great kids on her own ( a very beautiful ones).. the other blogs I used to read was about all other love stories its pretty funny how do they wrote simple things but captured readers heart. I think blogging is one way to escape loneliness, one way to express how you feel if you can’t express it to someone else. When you’re sad you can write all your emotions/bad feelings  without any hesitations. Blogging can really helps alot for those who have a wide thinker, imaginative type of person, for those who wants to share their life stories bad or good its all here. I realze that life all over the world have significance to each other.., normal people feels the way I do, sometimes u find it boring, unhappy, happy, contented thankful oh well that is life… I have learned it from the blogs i used to read.. I used to be thankful-at least in some ways I still feel that  I AM BLESSED…!!! SOme people have big problems than mine but still fighting for the future and so do i…? Life is kinda imperfect but that is how it goes and we learned from our mistakes …

I aLready got wHat I want fRom schooL…

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(sigH…whew!!! ) 😉   I cant believe how I started but I am officially changed my name from my school papers and other thing gossssh can u believe that..?  Way back few years ago I got big problem how will I use my registered name from NSO which is  different from what I used to- I start to asked somebody what to do, then they told me that I could spend lots of money for that for changing my name even at the law office at the town , they said you’ll undergo with the hearing thing something like that ..etc.,.. etc.. etc. blah blah..So, since then I start to think and think and think until I freaked out on what the right thing to do.. cause someday I will be out of the country for a certain reason so I need to figure it out.

When I figured out and find a way I fired up my ass to simply changed it, made a paper all by myself and  and bring it to the local office to be sealed and to be valid to all purposes. I start to make a letter, consent from parents, lots of affidavits and NOW I got it right and yesterday I finally got my transcript of records all change whoohohH THANK GOD!!..

I am sure my grandma will be happy with it and I find it hard to be an alien for 26 years lol…  happy camper!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂