does “LOVE” reaLLy be eNough..??

Does love really be eNough? does love really change you?

–>> these aRe the question always existed for every relationship, It is pretty simple but it’s really hard to answer isn’t it?

Lets talk about the first one:

Sapat nga bang mahal nyo lng ang isa’t isa to work it out?

For me I guess LOVE can’t really be enough- there are some components for a relationship to work.., it is like when you do cooking- you simply put the best ingredients to have a tasteful food in the end…

In a relationship here are some or should I say common ingredients/components that we should be awaRe of:

1. Trust – this the most important in a relationship near or far from each other – trust should be always keep for a relationship to work out.

2. Honesty – being honest for each other is one way and best ingredients too. Our trust is basically part of being honest.

3. Responsibility – you should know your responsibility for each other.

4. Compliments – one components is make an effort to compliment to each other even in a very small and simple way.

So these are some of it, well I am not perfect , nobody does but 100% guaranteed that this will work out.. 🙂

–>> tHe second one is “does love can really change you..?

… at some point I can say that it can change you , lalo na kapag mas mahal mo ung isang tao and you’re truely madly in love with him/her.. it can really change you. Kung minsan may nagagawa kang isang bagay na dati -rati nman ey di mo nagagawa and then you realize and find asking yourself tama pa ba ung ginagawa ko? di ba parang sobra na?… sa palagay ko basta mahal mo lahat tama parang takot ka ngang magkamali pero isang natutunan ko ey- di dapat makalimutan ang sarili kahit pa mahal na mahal mo ang isang tao..kasi yan at yan pa rin ang babalikan maging successful man or hindi ang relationship..

Kayo ano ba opinion nyo…?


2 Responses to “does “LOVE” reaLLy be eNough..??”

  1. hay from my PAST experience love is really ain’t ENOUGH.. 😉

  2. yup, love can really change you — parehong for better and worse, hehehe

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