jazz nOthin’.. :)

Eyyyyy…, I haven’t work too much on my blog for the last few days now.., been busy doing shit arOund here and now I feel like suffocated from all those things. It feels like Im getting sick (hayss sighhh).

🙂 and Yin-yang has been busy too, he is about to move to his new house this weekend 🙂 I would be happy if all will be set in place- around his  new place,-  sometime we only spent some minutes talking over  yahoo but its all good we still love each other no One can ever change that…. 🙂 !!!!!!

: and the other thing was I have finished preparing my transcript- soon my new name will appeared on my transcript of records , I have to fire up my ass to go back there to know what is up… and that is it…!

Life has been busy sometimes around work, love matters , home/family things and everything but its all good. Glad that in the long run you’ve got that shit done.


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