–>> Long Distance Relationships :)

–>> They were times that you may wonder ” is this kind of relationship will work out..?” Most of the time they say it doesn’t work out..,bakit kamo? Kasi may mga oras na may pangangailangan ung isa’t isa. Minsan you’ll get jealous dun sa mga friends nya na lagi nyang kasama, You feel sorry for yourself and wishin’ sana nandun din ako.. (haysss) at dun nagsisimula ung awayan tampuhan at kung ano ano pang ka dramahan (totoo naman un kasi nangyayarin un sa akin). But I guess as long as you trust each other, love each other I guess it works even if you are miles apart.
Probably this is the hardest kind of relationship that you may have, you need to bank a lot of trust to the one you love. Without trust things will not be easy. I can also say that the person who have long distance relationship is the one who had the longest patience on earth.. can u believe that….? Well, i guess so.. because they are always set time to reach each other, get in touch no matter how busy they are through chat, phone calls and patiently wait for the time that someday soon they will be together in person. (hay sya ang hirap talaga as IN) but that is how it goes.
–>>”LOVE” always exist to those who believe in it.. the more you value each other the more love you can GET…! 🙂

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