.. this is one of those days..

–>> While I was working this afternoon I was thinking a lot of things about life. Sometimes it can be stressful makes us tired about anything. The unpredictability of our existence can really be annoying and sometimes made us dismayed. Am I just torturing myself thinking about this? Sometimes I am freaking out for a very non- sense things. I am crazy in love, bit emotional when it comes to family and love matters. I am easily get hurt and sensitive on all things maybe because I am afraid of being alone or losing them and afraid of being hurt again.I don’t wanna be shuttered with unreasonable things and pick up the pieces and put into place again ..(that is my nightmare) 😦

They were moments that we expect for a certain things or events but in the end it turns out differently to the way we want it to be.

But I think I have to understand that our life events are uncontrollable our disappointments comes from a high expectations. Our ups and down in this existence will be just temporary. If we could expect less but still hope for the best maybe we could live life as happy as we want it to be. Is this possible? Hmmnnn … But, I think that is what life is all about.


3 Responses to “.. this is one of those days..”

  1. thinking this way makes life complete. it only means you are a normal person. your not alone and your not crazy. cheer up theres more things to explore.

  2. hey I thank you for all the oomments I am happy and excited to read it all…!!!

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