Rainy August:)

August, august , august…. first day today.. been raining since this mOrning… But I am still glad it is not typhoon.

🙂 I loved rainy days but not all the time just to cool off from sunny days.

🙂 ..and also this month me and simon will celebrating our first year anniversary for having each other. I am glad we made this far and I am still looking forward to spend the rest of my life with him. Although, long distance relationship is not that too easy but we made things possible in which way we can. 🙂 I love you my mellow yellow.. I am looking forward to see you everyday online.

–>> on the other hand I’ve got a lot of work to be done today I have my monthly reports need to be sort and my weekly reports comes in so waaaHH got to be finish it before monday whew my desk looks like a hell I tell you.. 😦  😦  but that’s life have to work to pay for the bills. 🙂

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