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does “LOVE” reaLLy be eNough..??

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Does love really be eNough? does love really change you?

–>> these aRe the question always existed for every relationship, It is pretty simple but it’s really hard to answer isn’t it?

Lets talk about the first one:

Sapat nga bang mahal nyo lng ang isa’t isa to work it out?

For me I guess LOVE can’t really be enough- there are some components for a relationship to work.., it is like when you do cooking- you simply put the best ingredients to have a tasteful food in the end…

In a relationship here are some or should I say common ingredients/components that we should be awaRe of:

1. Trust – this the most important in a relationship near or far from each other – trust should be always keep for a relationship to work out.

2. Honesty – being honest for each other is one way and best ingredients too. Our trust is basically part of being honest.

3. Responsibility – you should know your responsibility for each other.

4. Compliments – one components is make an effort to compliment to each other even in a very small and simple way.

So these are some of it, well I am not perfect , nobody does but 100% guaranteed that this will work out.. 🙂

–>> tHe second one is “does love can really change you..?

… at some point I can say that it can change you , lalo na kapag mas mahal mo ung isang tao and you’re truely madly in love with him/her.. it can really change you. Kung minsan may nagagawa kang isang bagay na dati -rati nman ey di mo nagagawa and then you realize and find asking yourself tama pa ba ung ginagawa ko? di ba parang sobra na?… sa palagay ko basta mahal mo lahat tama parang takot ka ngang magkamali pero isang natutunan ko ey- di dapat makalimutan ang sarili kahit pa mahal na mahal mo ang isang tao..kasi yan at yan pa rin ang babalikan maging successful man or hindi ang relationship..

Kayo ano ba opinion nyo…?


jazz nOthin’.. :)

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Eyyyyy…, I haven’t work too much on my blog for the last few days now.., been busy doing shit arOund here and now I feel like suffocated from all those things. It feels like Im getting sick (hayss sighhh).

🙂 and Yin-yang has been busy too, he is about to move to his new house this weekend 🙂 I would be happy if all will be set in place- around his  new place,-  sometime we only spent some minutes talking over  yahoo but its all good we still love each other no One can ever change that…. 🙂 !!!!!!

: and the other thing was I have finished preparing my transcript- soon my new name will appeared on my transcript of records , I have to fire up my ass to go back there to know what is up… and that is it…!

Life has been busy sometimes around work, love matters , home/family things and everything but its all good. Glad that in the long run you’ve got that shit done.

–>> Long Distance Relationships :)

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–>> They were times that you may wonder ” is this kind of relationship will work out..?” Most of the time they say it doesn’t work out..,bakit kamo? Kasi may mga oras na may pangangailangan ung isa’t isa. Minsan you’ll get jealous dun sa mga friends nya na lagi nyang kasama, You feel sorry for yourself and wishin’ sana nandun din ako.. (haysss) at dun nagsisimula ung awayan tampuhan at kung ano ano pang ka dramahan (totoo naman un kasi nangyayarin un sa akin). But I guess as long as you trust each other, love each other I guess it works even if you are miles apart.
Probably this is the hardest kind of relationship that you may have, you need to bank a lot of trust to the one you love. Without trust things will not be easy. I can also say that the person who have long distance relationship is the one who had the longest patience on earth.. can u believe that….? Well, i guess so.. because they are always set time to reach each other, get in touch no matter how busy they are through chat, phone calls and patiently wait for the time that someday soon they will be together in person. (hay sya ang hirap talaga as IN) but that is how it goes.
–>>”LOVE” always exist to those who believe in it.. the more you value each other the more love you can GET…! 🙂

.. this is one of those days..

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–>> While I was working this afternoon I was thinking a lot of things about life. Sometimes it can be stressful makes us tired about anything. The unpredictability of our existence can really be annoying and sometimes made us dismayed. Am I just torturing myself thinking about this? Sometimes I am freaking out for a very non- sense things. I am crazy in love, bit emotional when it comes to family and love matters. I am easily get hurt and sensitive on all things maybe because I am afraid of being alone or losing them and afraid of being hurt again.I don’t wanna be shuttered with unreasonable things and pick up the pieces and put into place again ..(that is my nightmare) 😦

They were moments that we expect for a certain things or events but in the end it turns out differently to the way we want it to be.

But I think I have to understand that our life events are uncontrollable our disappointments comes from a high expectations. Our ups and down in this existence will be just temporary. If we could expect less but still hope for the best maybe we could live life as happy as we want it to be. Is this possible? Hmmnnn … But, I think that is what life is all about.

way back..:)

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–>> last night before I off to bed I read all the cards that yin yang sent to me.., its pretty funny how we count the months, weeks and days to be together again.

–>> I’d come to realized that even in a very simple cards and postcard it can bRing you closer to the one you love no matter how far they are.

doing stuff..:)

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weeeehh another monday , another day start of the week, hope this week is pretty much slower than last week..Tongue outI did not work too much for my blog these days I am tired doing it.., last weekend I just spent my whole time doing scrapping my pictures from february.. I was happy to reviewed all of my pictures with simon.. whew! few more days from now , about 6 or 7 weeks i think I am excited to see him again.. I am counting on it everyday.Smile.. i was about to leave a message him on the phone this morning but he answered (hehehe) because i got a card this morning from him it was nice card sweet and cute…Red heartI miss him soooooo much!!! glad we have yahoo and msn we can reach each other no matter how far we are almost everydayOpen-mouthedOpen-mouthed…I love youRed heart


hmmnn wala lng..:)

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Nothing much to do this month been raining all day and night for the last first few days.., (sigh) I have been working all day then home during weekends. What a life boring isn’t it? but at some point I am still glad because I do have my job, family , friends and simon who has been there for me when things go wrong. I just hope that this month will just flying by cause I am looking forward for October to spend time with him. I am getting excited to think about it, not too long to wait almost 60 days to go yehey!

So I guess I’m out of words to say now I hope I can write one here sooner.