Dumaguete City Philippines..:)

Finally, I got a chance to write my own blog yehey!! 2008 is very memorable year of my life maraming moments na pwedeng ma treasured.

Last january we went to negros oriental the place of my uncle the sight are nice very green the rice fields are very nice, clean air not like here in manila very polluted.

This is the first when we have a chance to spend time together with my family after my grandma died.

So when we are at the airport me and auntie took pictures from there too. Its my first to get off on the plane kya excited ako sobra hehehe.

Good to come because is it not too hot as you can see in the picture very cloudy when we get there.

I love mangoes……..mmmnnnnnnnn isn’t it? So while preparing for the party we’ve got a chance to play around the place. We do chatting/gabbed with the people around there. It is exciting trip.

–>> The next morning we visited the nearest port in luca, me, uncle and my little cousin played around the trail.

–>> on that the same day we prepared to get back to manila, ang dami naming dalang pang pasalubong kaya kahit bigat na bigat na sa mga dala dala todo pose pa rin sayang ung moment eh…. (hehehe)

–>> so now we are ready to fly going back to manila, what a trip!!! !! Hope to be back here again soon!

One Response to “Dumaguete City Philippines..:)”

  1. barquera Says:

    Love to go there. its been my dream to visit the Visayan Region..
    Welcome to the World of Blogging…. 😉

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