Bohol Philippines..:)

Nowadays, everything is possible, you can even got a chance to have friends or deeper than as friends around the globe. It makes easier to keep in touch with them no matter where they are.

It’s funny to know someone from far like they are part on your every day life.

So to make the long story short I’ve got a chance to meet my “prince” thru internet. We’ve been talking almost every day we been friends for a couple of months then went to the deeper one. So after 6 months of chatting and writing letters when we got a chance to mail we decided to meet.

–>> February 06,2008 to be exact I waked up early be relaxed and help myself not to feel anxious for the to meet my man. My friends raul and azel was with me on that day to meet simon at the airport. So the most awaited minutes comes up we met up…..

–>> February 07,2008 My Big day!! he gave me beautiful necklace, T-shirt and a cute card. Its is my first birthday that I spent with my boyfriend and its memorable for me. on that same day he’d met my few friends and my family as well…

–>> February 08,2008 is the day when we are preparing to fly going to bohol. I am excited to spend some time with simon. He’s very cool , sweet , honest and kind he is one of the best person I’ve ever met wohUUohhh!! So while preparing for the trip we had pictures..

…. On that the same day, we’ve got to see the resort where we used to stay for the rest of my vacations. Its is very nice getaways the nipa house was soo great…On that the same day too we explore the nearest beach resort so we will know where to go for the rest of our days in bohol.:)

–>> the next morning so we were planning to see some sights before exploring the beaches.. So we went to bohol sight seeings like chocolate hills, the river cruise, hinagdanan cave, mag-aso falls, man-made forest etc etc…

–>> it was a great day I think we spent for 2 days to see th rest of the sight seeings around bohol. We start to explore the beaches.

–>> at first we went to alona kew resort that is the nearest nice resort from where stayed. it is nice views at alona lots of boats and resturants.

–>> Simon was excited for snorkel when we reach the not too crowded place in alona reasort.. The water was warm its different from the water in the beaches in canada..

–>> the next day we try to explore the Bohol beach Club, It is very nice resort much nicer than alona kew resort. It was great being here. Aside from the fact that you are with your special someOne plus the beaches and other things that we explored in Bohol awesome…!!

—>> shacks ang daming pictures Whewwww!!!

…….so as time goes by we try to explore and see the beautiful places in bohol. Spend moretime together….

.. In this picture pa emote ung lola nyo kasi alam kong one of this days aalis din sya.. hmmnnnp…:( kuha namin yan few days bago sya umalis…hayzzzzzzz

–>> Whatta a good tRip… it was very nice vacation with simon.., we chill as much as we can when we are together.. I just hope that for the coming months to cOme we can spend more time together and i know we will this October.. I’ll see you soon!! I love you My mellow yellow! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


One Response to “Bohol Philippines..:)”

  1. wow, bohol, beautiful bohol and sweet photos, too 🙂 hindi pa ko nakakarating dyan pero one of these days, pramis! hindi simple ang long distance relationship pero iba ang saya kapag magkasama kayo finally, kahit na a few days lang. iba ang memories! welkam sa WPP!

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